The Catalogue of chemical and petrochemical products of Ukraine continues the series of branch catalogs of industrial products, which are traditionally developed and published by Cherkasy State Research Institute of Technical and Economic Information in the Chemical Industry (Cherkasy NDITEKHIM).

It includes systematic information on enterprises-producers and characteristics of the main directions of their activity, lists of commodity chemical and petrochemical products as of December 2021.

The catalogue consists of three main logically related sections.

  1. Alphabetical list of enterprises-producers.
  2. Information on enterprises-producers of chemical and petrochemical products in Ukraine according to the following scheme: name of the enterprise; contact and postal details; a brief description of the main activities; list of products placed on market (nomenclature).
  3. Alphabetical index of products mentioned in the catalogue.

        The updated Catalogue of chemical and petrochemical products of Ukraine is being developed by Cherkasy NDITEKHIM in electronic and printed versions.

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