SE "Cherkasy NDITEKHIM" offers with preparation of monthly (quarterly) factual references on export-import data from/to Ukraine of chemical raw materials and products that fall within the scope of your business interests.

The factual reference includes detailed analysis of export and/or import product supply in various aspects: dynamics of sypply, structure of deliveries by producers, suppliers and consumers by types and brands of products, geographical structure of exports and imports, export and import price dynamics.

Our reference and information fund now includes data on Ukrainian foreign trade for the period from 2010 to February 2022 inclusive.

Proposed informational product contributes to the formation of the correct marketing strategy by manufacturers and trading companies and gives an idea of the existing competitive environment and the market price situation.

The price and terms of the development of factual (statistical) references are determined after the terms of reference approval and determination of the scope of works. At the same time, our pricing policy is quite flexible and loyal as possible to our customers.

More information - by phone +380472374165

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